…as a DJ

Lakeland Orlando Winter Haven Tampa wedding DJ As a DJ, I can promise you an experience like no other. Let’s skip past the MC, lighting, special effects, etc. I’m talking about the core aspect of what I do: being a DJ.

There are tons of DJs out there, of course, and they will all give you their own definition of what a DJ is. For me, a DJ is someone who can not only pick the perfect song each time, but can mix it in perfectly without killing the flow. Have someone who can jump across genres and keep everyone on the dance floor happy takes finesse.

…and that’s what I do best. No matter the request, no matter the crowd, I want to make sure you have a great time! Check out this live recording from a wedding I did so you can hear a bit of what I do. Everything is done live. I don’t pre-plan sets, I don’t premix a single thing. I truly believe in mixing in the moment and keeping people moving every second!

Call me at 863.800.0002 and I’ll be happy to tell you more; or let’s meet up really get things rocking!