3 years ago, I did an amazing Bar Mitzvah for Andrew. As his little sister, Liz, turns 13- the plan for an equally amazing, but totally different, party took form. The concept was simple: make the room GLOW. Liz and her awesome parents wanted their friends’ and family’s jaws to drop when they walked in the room. Not only did we achieve that, but we even got to impress the staff at the Sheraton (Tampa East).

Liz Pelk Bat Mitzvah 2014-4

The room had a bit of everything: Color-changing tables, laser projections, wall patterns, dance floor lighting, glow in the dark bubbles, black lights, glow in the dark games, and glowsticks!

As guests walked in, the room was adorned with the theme colors and pretty patterns across the walls. We played some games in complete darkness and had only the black lights on. Since everyone was given neon socks, it was a cool way to play the games!

Liz Pelk Bat Mitzvah 2014-18

Liz Pelk Bat Mitzvah 2014 2-3

As we began the grand entrance, a spotlight hit the main door as stars circled around the door (her song was Counting Stars by One Republic) and the lasers projected her name and stars.

It was a pretty cool view!

Check out the pics and video below!


Author: Arnoldo Offermann

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