2017 Galaxy Pageants White Party

It’s summer, which means we have another amazing Galaxy Pageant week coming up! To kick it off, we do our annual White Party… and this year we went ALL OUT. We set all A/V up the night prior, which meant all the drape, video screens, lighting, and full sound was available the night of. We had our Text to Screen on one side (where the girls could send photos via text or #) and live video on the other side. The bass was rockin’ the Martinique Room at Orlando’s Royal Caribe, and the lighting was kickin’!

As always, the girls come from all around the world, so this is as open-format as it gets as I played hits from the USA, Latin America, the Islands, UK, and a few other places. Check out the phots and video below!

2017 Galaxy Pageants White Party

Author: Arnoldo Offermann

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