Monika’s 21st Birthday!

Monika Winkler 21st Birthday-7

Now this was a unique event! I provided NO sound or entertainment; instead, I got free reign to do lighting design for a unique birthday party as I see fit… and as long as it was within budget. Working with It’s In the Details and Smith Family Ranch truly made this a dream team event. Not to mention that their photographer was also Shot By Mookie (who is also one of our techs).

So what happened? Complete stage fills, uplighting, dance floor lights with variable zoom, and video mapping! The unique walls of this amazing Lakeland ranch were completely animated. Check it out in the pics and video below!

Oh, side note- J. Collins rocked– and even though he was gracious enough to let me in on his set list ahead of time, I still busked (ran live) the lighting and video the whole time.

50 Monika 21st Bday

Author: Arnoldo Offermann

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