Pepin Academy’s 2013 Prom

This is the kind of prom that we’ll never forget. It was a relatively last-minute call, as they wanted an amazing DJ that could host an equally amazing prom for their school. Pepin Academy is a one-of-a-kind school that helps special-needs students from all walks of life achieve academical success.

Needless to say, they got some extra special care from 4SchoolsOnly. Their prom was held at the stunning T Pepin Hospitality center. The overall venue was stunning! At first we were told we could use haze, but unfortunately that wasn’t 100% correct, but it didn’t matter… the evening went along just fine! We were careful about using any frequencies of strobing or light changing that can affect any students, but luckily the school and parents worked together to make sure everyone who attended was able to handle any lighting changes. 100% safe– love it!

The playlist was amazing, and the overall night left my crew and I energized like never before. You just have to watch the videos to see what I mean!

Pepin Academy 2013 Prom-6

A quick teaser of the Club Extreme setup:

Harlem Shake:

The night’s recap:

Author: Arnoldo Offermann

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