Gines and Katie’s LIT reception!

You HAVE to see the gallery below.. we brought in so much!

First, let’s narrow down Katie and Gine’s favorite things:

1) Princess things (ok, that’s Katie’s)
2) Star Wars (that’s Gines)
3) Lights (that’s both of them)

The venue was the youth room in their church. There’s no dimming lights and it’s literally a church, but that’s no issue to transform. After all, I did it for his friends, Eddie and Amber, years ago! (Click here to see that transformation!)

So here’s what we came up with:

  1. We did 4 DW (dynamic white) light fills that gave us a warm candlelight look but would change to a cool right to give Katie’s dress a REAL pop!
  2. We complimented that with floods that gave us multiple colors, including a nice rose gold that Katie and Gines wanted
  3. Then we added some moving heads to do spotlight dances. With their zoom effect, they also doubled as floods
  4. We also did some wall projections to help hide the wall textures
  5. Rose gold uplighting was accomplished using HEX LED uplighting
  6. We did black pipe and drape behind the DJ (we didn’t supply the DJ nor sound)
  7. We did white pipe and drape behind the Sweetheart Table with 2 projectors stacked to make one big image of the Buckingham palace during dinner, Star Wars and other ambients during dancing.
  8. No GOBO monogram. Instead it was done with a high quality KVant Laser. We also did some cool animations during various points of the night and a laser fireworks show for their first dance.
  9. Why fireworks? It looked amazing as they did their first dance on a dry ice cloud!
  10. We also had one of our Snap Yourself Silly Photobooths!

You gotta check out the photos and video below!

Katie and Gines Gines

Author: Arnoldo Offermann

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